Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Awareness #1 Responce

I think that this social awareness project turned out to be very interesting. A main lesson that I learned from this is that thaere are a lot of complicated problems out in the "real world." None of them seem easy to resolve and everyone has there own ideas about the issues. So far I don't think that any of these problems have been completely. Some of these problems will never be resolved. Can parents get their dead children back?

This assignment has made me realize that life won't always be fair. In my opinion a lot of the problems that I've learned about for this assignment should have been resoved by now even though they aren't. I think that these problems will never be resolved unless people stop debating over what to do and start to make decisions based on what they believe.Well, that's what I think, I wonder how the politicians will handle these problems.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Entry #8

A few days ago I read the poem Mother to Son by Langston Hughes. At first when I read the poem I had no idea what Langston Hughes meant by it. When I looked at it again I thought that when Langston Houghes says "life for me aint been no crystal ball." that his life hasn't been easy. He repeats this line over and over many times. Later he says to keep on turning corners and keep on climbing. I think that by this, Langston Hughes means that in bad times if you keep oon going and keep on working hard, good things will happen.

I was also kind of confused about who the people were in the poem. Who was the mother and who was the son? At first I thought Langston Houghes may have been the mother talking to his child. However when I reread this poem, I realized that Langston Hughes was probably the son and his mom was probably the mom in the poem. I now think that the main problem in the poem was that Langston Hughes' mom was a slave. I think that Langston's mom kept on working hard and eventually she was freed. I think that she's telling her son not to give up because something bad happened to him.

I now realize that at first, I completely mis understood the meaning of the poem. Now after rereading the poem, I feel like I under stand it a lot better.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Appreciatiom Draft

A lot of people think that Bridge to Terebithia is just a book with a sad ending. But if you were to read it again, you might see that this book teaches people about a lot of life lessons. The first time that I was introduced to the book was in 3rd grade. My teacher let us go outside to the school yard and read it aloud to us. That time I didn't pay a lot of attention to the book and didn't learn much from it.

When I read this book again a few weeks ago it taught me multiple valuable lessons. One of these lessons is that you have to be understanding of other's situations. In this book there's a school bully named Janice. She gets Jesse in trouble and is mean to Leslie. One day they find Janice crying. Jesse and Leslie go out of their way to talk to Janice and find out that her dad beats her. That's why Janice bullies kids. After they find this out they treat Janice better. I think that the author of this book (Katherine Paterson) does a really good job of teaching readers lessons such as this one. I think that if people in general were more understanding of each others situations, the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

Another lesson that Katherine Paterson taught me was that it's o.k. to be different. You should be whoever you really are. In the book all of the students make fun of Leslie because she's the only one with money but no television. They also make fun of her because she's the only one who eats yogurt. They pretty much make fun of her just because she's different from the crowd. Jesse becomes friends with Leslie because she's a good person. The people that are close to Leslie are really close to Leslie and that's because of her personality. I know a lot of kids try to follow others instead of being themselves. I like the way Katherine Paterson teaches this lesson.

When Leslie passes away, Jesse is really upset and can't think of anything but Leslie. However Jesse's dad teaches Jesse that he has to move on. From this Jesse and I both learned that sometimes bad things will happen but you have to move on from them. In my own life, I was with my aunt one minute but then she suddenly passed away. I was really sad for a while and I still miss her a lot but eventually you're going to have to move on or you'll just be miserable for the rest of your life. I think the movie Bridge to Terebithia (which I rewatched) makes this point easy to understand.

On the surface, this book may seem like it's just a couple of lonely kids that became friends but if you really pay attention to details, you can learn a lot from this book. I know I did. It's impressive that a childrens book can teach you so many important, adult lessons. I think that the author of this book  Katherine Paterson expects readers to be mature and handle these lessons. I like that she expects this out of readers and I think that it makes this book even better. I consider myself lucky to have been able to read and learn from this fantastic book.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Entry#7 Bridge to Terebithia-background research

I tried to find some research on the book Bridge to Terebithia. One thing that I did was find out information on the author of this book Katherine Paterson. In an interview about the book she was asked when she first wanted to be an author. She replied that she hadn't always wanted to be an author. She didn't know when she first wanted to be an author but, she certainly is happy to be an author now. I think that this is a little bit strange because in the book she wrote Jesse wanted to be an author since he was in first grade. I wonder if Jesse was based on someone else in her life or if she just kind of made Jesse up in her mind.

I also rewatched the movie Bridge to Terebithia (I saw it a few years ago.) I noticed that in the the movie, Leslie had longer hair then in the book. I think that the people who made this movie did this so that people would feel sorry for Leslie and feel very sad at the end of the movie. I think that it was kind of unfair for the makers of the movie to base the movie on the book and then make it different from the book. I wonder if this has upset Katherine Peterson like it annoyed me. Maybe I'll try to find out more about this another time.     

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Entry#6 Bridge to Terebithia

A note that I annotated in this book is:Why is Jesse's dad so upset that Jesse wants to be an artist? Why would he say the school is turning my only son into a... to his1st grade son? If I were Jesse I'd be afraid to be an artist now.

It kind of dissapoints me that a grown up says that to his son who's only in1st grade. Jesse's dad wants Jesse to be tough like himself but that's not who Jesse is. Jesse is in 5th grade now in the book and he still thinks about the conversation he had with his dad 4 yaers ago. I think that by now, Jesse should talk to his dad and kind of make a stand.

Jesse isn't even close to his dad now and a major reason for this is because Jesse wants to be an artist. Even if Jesse still wants to be an artist he should at least try to get closer to his dad I mean it would at least be a chance for Jesse to earn his father's approval. A theme that I noticed in the book is that there always seems to be some type of peer pressure and a need for approval.