Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Responce to Poem

We read the poem about the Jordans in class yesterday and so far, it's my favorite poem that we've read in class so I'm responding to it. At first when we read it Iliked it (because it rhymed.) But then, when I actually thought about the words and the message that thepoem sent, it seemed kind of creepy. Even if the things in the poem didn't actually happen, it still seems creepy that someone would kill an innocent person for Jordans. The main character didn't even no why he wanted the Jordans. It seems to me that the poets point of this poem is to say that we live in a terrible world, where people are greedy and selfsh, they care about no one but themselves. Is this really true? I don't think that people are that bad. It least most of the time unless they're crazy or something like that. I hope there aren't many people like that out in the real world.

Monday, January 24, 2011


The Jets Lose!         This poem is based on a true story.
Sanchez moans
Cromartie groans
Rex Ryan flips
as the team slips
L.T. is stopped
the Jets are dropped
Holmes wishes he was back
In Pittsburgh
Where the Jets just got smacked
The Jets will go home
where they'll cry whine and moan                             
they hold losing dear                                   
they do it year after year                                                         

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poem About Important Event

Martin Luther King Jr.
a leader and hero
he brought us together
using peace not violence

He changed how we look at things
tought us that we're all equal
the same
he made the world a better place

He was always peaceful
never resorting to violence
calm and ready for anything
he was always the bigger person

Make his dream come true

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Responce to Artwork

Since we had to respond to a piece of art I responded to the mona lisa by Leonardo Di Vinci. I know that this piece of art is really famous so I wonder what my opinion will be in comparrison to the opinion of important art critics. I got the picture from I notice that mona lisa kind of has this annoyed look on her face. She also looks like she's stressed out and tired. I think that she's had some bad things happen to her, I wonder what her life was like before the painting.

The background of the painting looks kind of dark and gloomy. I think it means that outside of the painting, bad things were going on at that time. The picture makes it look like Mona Lisa is almost like the queen of whatever place the background is. Even though things look really gloomy in the picture, it looks like Mona Lisa kind of has a little bit of a smile. Maybe things are going to get better.