Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming of Age project

Part 1

When I was a little kid everyone seemed to watch out for me. For example one day when I was in pre-school I was lying down for naptime and I accidentally bumped my head. It didn't really hurt so I didn't tell anyone but I guess my teacher saw me bump my head. She made a huge deal about she sent me to the nurse and made sure that I got an ice pack. She said I should leve it against my head even when I told her that it wasn't hurting me at all. Everyone treated me nicely for the rest of the day. My parents got me pizza and they told me how brave I was. To me I had just bumped my head bot to everyone else I was a little kid that had gotten hurt. Like I said, when you're a little kid everyone seems to watch out for you.

Part 2

By fifth grade all these things had changed for me. There wasn't always someone watching out for me. I had more responsibility and  I did a lot of things on my own. So anyway I was in gym class playing baseball with some of my friends. Someone hit a pop up and I made a sliding catch but also ripped a giant gash in my leg. When I looked at the cut I felt sick to my stomach. After school that day I got stitches in my knee. the next day when I was back at school the my teacher didn't even know what had happened to me. As you get older you have to become more and more independent. I guess as you get older people will start to think about you differently whether you want them to or not.

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